User Guide

What is ePatrola?

ePatrola - Your City Eye is a service that allows all visitors to easily report, review and comment on irregularities and problems in the city, and receive feedback from the City on solutions to the problem.

What can I report with ePatrola?

The service is primarily intended for reporting utility problems and irregularities that need to be solved. For example:

What can't be solved using ePatrola?

The service is not intended to solve all problems that can be troubling citizens, but to maintain and increase the quality of use of public areas and infrastructure.

ePatrola is not intended to solve problems such as:

How to report a problem?

You can report the problem in several easy steps:

  1. Select Country and City for which you are reporting the problem
  2. Click on the button Report Problem
  3. On the page to add a new report, click on the map to select the correct location for the problem
  4. Upload photo of the problem
  5. Check Urgent checkbox (optional)
  6. Of the following categories of problems, select the one that best describes it
  7. Enter a detailed description of the problem
  8. Click on the button Report Problem
  9. After that, wait for the administrator to approve your problem report

How are the reported problems solved?

Reported problems are processed by the City's professional services that issue orders to the appropriate institutions, then they are handled by them as soon as possible or they issue orders for the execution of works to third parties.
After solving the problem, it is possible to see the solution to the problem at the service web site, and the person who reported the problem receives e-mail informing that it has been solved.

Is the ePatrola service free?

Yes, service users can use the service without charge and without limitation.

Can I use the ePatrola service on my mobile device?

The ePatrola service is adapted to all types of screens and works on all devices, and soon Android mobile application will be available.

Security Regulations

Who can see and use my email address and name?

If you report a problem, your email address will be visible only to the administrators of the entire service, Softiko company. We will never give or sell your e-mail address to third parties except when we are required by law.